If you are a passenger in a car accident, can you file a personal injury claim?

If you are a victim of a car accident, the passenger has the right to file a claim against both the parties involved in the crash, given that both the drivers are partially at fault. The law states that the driver is responsible for the safety of the passengers. Therefore, if you are injured from the car accident caused by the negligence of the driver, you can file a claim against the driver. Even the owner of the car is deemed responsible.

You can make a claim against the car owner for allowing the negligent driver to operate the car. The driver will also be held responsible for any injuries like the bike they hit, truck, passengers, or pedestrians.

If you a passenger in a car accident, and the other driver is at-fault, both your driver and you can file an injury claim against the at-fault driver.

What if you are related to the driver?

When you met with an accident and the driver is your relative. You can still recover from his/her auto insurance policy. Usually, insurance coverage includes family or relatives in the policy.

Should you consider hiring a lawyer?

Most car accident cases follow strict procedures when assessing the instances. If you are critically injured from the accident, you may want to consider hiring a lawyer. The at-fault driver insurance companies will have lawyers to deny your claim or either end up paying the unreasonable settlement amount.

The insurance companies are obligated to compensate for the damages caused by accident entirely. It can also include the recovery for medical bills, permanent injuries, and side-effect from the accident that can cost you in the future or wages lost from work due to absenteeism. To get reasonable compensation from insurance companies, you need good evidence to support your claim.

When you hire a lawyer, he/she will be well-versed in the law and legal rights. You personal lawyer will know what rules can be applied to counter the defendant’s agents. In most cases, the defendant will certainly hire a lawyer to mitigate the prosecution in any way possible. Having a lawyer to fight for your interest is vital when you’ve suffered critical injuries.

You should hire personal injury lawyers in cases when your injuries are severe such as;

  • Medical expenses exceeding more than $2000
  • Broken bones
  • Permanent impairments
  • Insurance companies offering reasonable settlements
  • Wages lost or any trauma that affected your profession

Since the adjusters from insurance companies know the amount, they will be obliged to compensate. They will persuade you to accept the offer before you are fully recovered, or before your medical diagnosis results are accurately declared.

Once you have signed the settlement agreement, the company will no longer hold any responsibility for recovery and compensation. Even if your injuries got worse over time, you cannot go back and file a claim over the dispute that is closed.

Make sure to hire a professional in a severe case. Consult with the lawyer about the incident, many lawyers offer a free consultation, and they will tell you if your case needs a lawyer.